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Structures/Expressions for eliciting opinions

What do you think of ...?

What's your opinion of ...?

How do you feel about ...?


Structures/Expressions for analyzing opinions

Do you really feel/think/believe ...?

Do you really mean to say that ...?

Can you really say that ...?


Less Certain/Diplomatic

It seems to me ...

I imagine ...

To the best of my knowledge ...

As far as I know ...

People say ...

I've heard that ...

Wouldn't yu say that ...?

Don't you think that ...?



I think ...

I believe ...

I'm pretty sure/certain ...

I'd like to say/point out ...

The point is ...

Not everyone will agree, but ...


Very Certain

I'm positive/sure/certain ...

I honestly believe/feel/think ...

I'm convinced ...

In my (honest) opinion ...

There's no question in my mind that ...




Less Certain/Neutral

I suppose so/not.

I guess you're right.

If you think so.

It's worth some thought.

Not everyone would agree.



Strong Agreement


You're absolutely right.

No question.

I totally agree.

I'm convinced/sure you're right.

I couldn't agree more.

Right on.(Less formal)


Strong Disagreement

Absolutely not.

Positively not.

I totally disagree.

I'm convinced that's not right.

How can you say that?

Are you kidding?(Less formal)

No way.(Less formal)

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1. Core Objects와 Interfaces.


Database connection object: sqlite3

Prepared statement object: sqlite3_stmt


Database connection과 Prepared statement objects들은 아래 C/C++ I/F에 의해 제어 되어진다.

- sqlite3_open()

- sqlite3_prepare()

- sqlite3_step()

- sqlite3_column()

- sqlite3_finalize()

- sqlite3_close()






:이 Routine은 SQL text를 prepared statement object로 변환하고 그 object에 포인터를 반환한다. 이 인터페이스는 sqlite3_open()에서 이전 호출에 의해서 생성되는 database connection 포인터 준비되어진 SQL statement를 포함하는 text string를 필요로한다. 이 API는 실제로 SQL statement를 평가하지 않는다. 이것은 거의 평가하기위해서 SQL statement를 준비한다.



:이 Routine은 sqlite3_prepare() I/F에 의해서 이전에 생성되어진 prepare statement를 값을 구하기 위해서 사용되어진다. 이 statement는 최대 포인터를 평가하고 여기서 결과의 첫번째 row는 이용 가능하다. 결과의 두번째 row로 나아가기 위해서는 sqlite3_step()을 다시 수행하여야한다. statement가 완료될때까지 sqlite3_step()을 수행하는것을 계속하여야한다. 결과(ex: INSERT, UPDATE, 또는 DELETE statements)를 반환하지 않은 statement들은 sqlite3_step()를 단일 호출할때 완료된다.







:이 Routine은 sqlite3_prepare()의 이전 호출에 의해서 생성된 prepared statement를 파괴한다. 모든 prepared statement는 메모리 누수를 피하기 위해서 이 루틴 호출을 사용하는 것을 파괴하여야 한다.





source: sqlite.org, "http://www.sqlite.org/cintro.html."

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How to build zlib on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

$make -f win32/Makefile.gcc

$make install INCLUDE_PATH=[path] LABRARY_PATH=[path] BINARY_PATH=[path] -f win32/Makefile.gcc


How to build bzip on MinGW that is operating on Windows.


$make install PREFIX=[path]


How to build freetype2 on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- freetype2 is software font engine.

$./configure --prefix=[path] --disable-shared


$make install


How to build CELT on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- CELT(Contrained Energy Lapped Transform) is lossy audio compression format.

$./configure --prefix=[path] --disable-shared


$make install


How to build lame on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- LAME is mp3 encoder.

$./configure --prefix=[path] --disable-shared


$make install


We can download below four libraries on www.xiph.org


How to build libogg on MinGW that is operating on Windows.


$./configure --prefix=[path] --disable-shared


$make install


#it depend on libogg

How to build libvorbis on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- Vorbis is lossy audio codec. It is commonly used in conjunction with the Ogg container format.

$./configure --prefix=[path] --disable-shared


$make install


How to build vo-aacenc on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

$./configure --prefix=[path] --disable-shared


$make install


How to build Theora on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- Theora is a free lossy video compression format.


How to build libvpx on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- libvpx is codec library for VP8 video streams.


How to build Frei0r on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- Frei0r is a minimalistic plugin API for video sources and filters.


How to build libass on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- libass is a portable library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering.


How to build libgsm on MinGW that is operating on Windows.

- libgsm is codec to be GSM full rate audio.



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